Big Bang Theory spinoff reveals why Sheldon hates Geology

The Big Bang Theory showed some of the quirks of Sheldon Cooper who, although he was a big geek, hated Geology, stating that it was not a real study.

Years have passed and now, thanks to the Young Sheldon spinoff series, we’ve learned the reason behind so much hate. But beware: Young Sheldon spoilers below!

Young Sheldon showed, as early as episode 15 of its first season, the meeting between the main character, played by Iain Armitage, and young Libby (Anjelika Washington), an eleventh grader.

She introduces him to the concepts of geology, and as he falls in love with the study of rocks and minerals, Sheldon also develops feelings for the girl.


However, Libby has no feelings for Sheldon, and only sees him as a child, as his mother Mary (Zoe Perry) claims when she tries to convince her to take Sheldon to the movies saying, “I’ve been babysitting children for years. ”.

This line broke the heart of little Sheldon, who made up an excuse saying he didn’t feel well to go to the movies and returned home, where he was crying in his room.

Consequently, his charm for geology was also broken when his feelings for Libby hurt him.

The episode ends with him telling Tam (Ryan Phuong) that geology is not a real science, but a hobby, something that sounds familiar to fans of The Big Bang Theory.

The information is from the Looper website.

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