Big Bang Theory moments worth pausing

The Big Bang Theory came to an end a few years ago, but it continues to be a hit with fans of comedy series. A lot of people wonder: what are the funniest scenes in the sitcom? After all, the comic production has several moments that are worth pausing.

It is worth remembering that The Big Bang Theory was shown between 2007 and 2019, with 279 episodes and 12 seasons. The series by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady also stood out in the most important awards in the entertainment industry.

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“The Big Bang Theory is about genius scientists Sheldon and Leonard. But all that genius doesn’t help them interact with people, especially women. Everything changes when a free-spirited beauty named Penny moves in next door.

The website Looper has listed the 7 moments from The Big Bang Theory that deserve to be paused; check below.

Sheldon’s smile

Fans of The Big Bang Theory know that Sheldon Cooper, the character of Jim Parsons, does not stand out for his social skills. However, in the episode “The Griffin Equivalency”, the protagonist tries to show Raj how happy he was for his friend’s victories. For this, the character bets on a sinister smile – which is seen to this day as one of the most hilarious scenes in the comedy series.

Will Wheaton!!!

In the plot of The Big Bang Theory, actor Will Wheaton (famous for his performance in the Star Trek franchise) plays a fictional version of himself. The character is one of Sheldon’s great rivals, and over the show’s 12 seasons, he’s played some of the funniest moments in history. Who doesn’t remember Sheldon yelling “Will Wheaton!” whenever the opponent got the better of the competitions?

Penny dressed as a gorilla

During the first few seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Penny’s greatest desire was to find success in Hollywood. For this, the character of Kaley Cuoco accepts jobs, at least, unusual. Penny stars in the film “Serial Ape-ist”, about a bizarre killer ape. In the footage, she appears dressed in a hilarious gorilla costume, in a moment that, according to fans of the series, deserves to be paused.

Sheldon becomes Gollum

The Big Bang Theory also stands out for its pop culture references. In the 12 seasons, the sitcom has numerous easter eggs about comics, movies and TV series. In the episode “The Precious Fragmentation”, for example, The Big Bang Theory brings The Lord of the Rings to the center of the plot. In the chapter in question, Sheldon “becomes Gollum” after winning the Ring of Power in a competition with his friends.

Did Raj and Penny sleep together?

In the episode “The Roommate Transmogrification”, aired in season 4 of The Big Bang Theory, Penny is depressed by Leonard’s new relationship, who starts dating Raj’s sister. After spending a night drinking with Raj, Penny wakes up the next day with her friend. Kaley Cuoco’s character’s reaction is simply hilarious. At the end of the episode, Raj confirms that the two have not “consummated” their flirtation.

Amy’s Fantasy

During season 10 of The Big Bang Theory, specifically in the episode “The Locomotion Reverberation”, Sheldon is very excited to become a train engineer at a locomotive museum. As the protagonist talks about his plans, Amy starts a fantasy in which a buff Sheldon appears performing all the activities of a train engineer. Of all the costumes shown in the series, this is one of the most surprising.

A Bollywood number

Finally, one of the most unusual moments of The Big Bang Theory takes place in the episode “The Thespian Catalyst”, aired in season 4. In this chapter, Raj develops a crush on Bernadette and begins to imagine the most bizarre fantasies with Howard’s girlfriend. In one of them, the characters of Kunal Nayyar and Melissa Rauch star in a characteristic Bollywood number, with music and choreography.

All episodes of The Big Bang Theory are available on HBO Max.

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