Bicarbonate to digest after binges, the word to the expert: “That’s why it shouldn’t be mixed with acid products, including sparkling water”

A grilled meat that lasted until late afternoon, combined with beer to go and the inevitable sense of bloating in the stomach that makes you feel like you’re bursting. With the difference that this vote, unfortunately, the stomach really burst, as happened to a 43-year-old man from Modena saved in extremis by the surgeons of the Baggiovara hospital. A very delicate three-hour operation that required the removal of almost the entire stomach, as it had a large laceration. But what happened in particular? The man, in order to try to lighten the stomach, has seen fit to swallow a liter of sparkling water all together, followed by the assumption of bicarbonate. A literally explosive mix with a really lucky outcome for the patient given that in 75% of these cases he dies. In other words, be careful not to produce mixtures with such disastrous effects.

“The explosive in this story, with all respect and without seeming offensive, I think there is mainly the lack of common sense of the unfortunate”, comments disconsolate Dr. Paolo Pigozzi, doctor and great nutrition expert. “As admitted by the producers (eg., carbonated water has a pH of 2-3 (on a scale ranging from 1, very acidic, to 14, very basic; vinegar has the same pH value!). It is a very acidic drink which, according to a study (Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases; Dec. 2009), exerts a slight stimulating action on the gastric production of hydrochloric acid, favoring a greater secretion of gastric juices. On the other hand, sodium bicarbonate mixed with acidic liquids produces large quantities of carbon dioxide, a gas that is normally eliminated by the typical and inelegant belching. It is therefore obvious that the mixture carried out by our victim, especially for the large quantities involved, may have produced unexpected and dramatic effects “.

Doctor Pigozzi, what precautions should be observed when taking bicarbonate to digest?
“My advice is to eat in such a way that you don’t need to ingest digestives and various potions. Sobriety and good chewing seem to me to be very efficient tools in guaranteeing simple digestions. If then the baking soda should serve, I recommend avoid ‘shock’ doses and above all the simultaneous intake of acid products (carbonated waters, lemon juice, etc.) “.

In reality, after such binges, what is the best remedy to digest?
“Stop eating for several hours, until the stomach empties spontaneously and the appetite returns. They can be useful too herbal teas with mint and fennelto be sipped slowly natural, unsweetened “.

And finally, a tip to prevent similar indigestions …
“Prepare simple meals. A plate of pasta or other whole grains with raw and cooked vegetables, topped with extra virgin olive oil and supplemented with protein foods such as legumes or oil seeds such as walnuts or almonds, is a meal that contains all the nutrients we need without unnecessarily strain the digestive system. Similarly structured lunches or dinners should be the rule for avoiding digestive disorders“.

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