Bianca Andrade talks about sharing custody of her son with Fred: "It’s hard, but we’re living well"

first-time mom, Bianca Andrade commented on the shared custody of the child Crisof 10 months, with Fredfrom whom he recently separated in an interview with Who.

The 27-year-old businesswoman briefly explained how she has been taking care of the baby, amid her busy schedule:

“It’s like that now, the time he sleeps is when his mother can give him a joke. Thank God, I have a support network, I have a whole structure to deal with this phase of my life, which is being a mother and continuing to be a mother. business woman.”

“So, it’s all very organized at home, all pre-planned,” he said. Asked how Cris’ shared custody was, she says: “It’s difficult, but we’re living well… [Fred] He’s a big daddy, so we always talk, if I need to travel, he stays with Cris.”

Mônica Andrade, mother of Boca Rosa, also spoke of being able to have the ex-BBB closer to her during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Bianca, however, denies that she will return to the Carioca state after the end of the romance. “Never! Let her come here! Here [São Paulo] It’s much better for work, for everything in my career”.

On Valentine’s Day, even single, the influencer threw a party: “I had a Valentine’s Day party, because I’m not going to suffer, huh, people?! Neither me, nor my single friends. I said: ‘I’ll solve it it’. It was the love party, whoever wanted to go could go”, he concluded.

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