Bianca Andrade opens up about difficulties in flirting: "pretend disinterest"

Recently, the digital influencer and businesswoman Bianca Andrade used his Twitter to make a complaint about the difficulties he has been suffering to flirt.

Single since ending her relationship with the youtuber Fredwith whom he had the little Cris1 year old, the former BBB commented on “little games” of love that suitors are playing with her.

“In this new single phase of mine, I’m realizing something: people have the same quirks when it comes to flirting. They seem to pretend disinterest to see if we find it interesting. But it gets ugly because they’re ALL doing the same! I don’t have the patience”, Bianca began.

Boca Rosa, as she is also known on the web since the beginning of her YouTube channel, also made an appeal: “Is this just in my bubble or did it enter the book of rules on how to flirt and I’m out of date? I don’t want to marry and have children with someone, because I’ve already done that, but it’s just that it’s not possible to have a nice conversation with the people. contatinhos!” he added.

Photo: Playback / Twitter

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