Biah Rodrigues wears a mask to keep her face away from her daughter while breastfeeding and confuses followers

Biah Rodrigues reports difficulties in reconciling routine with her two children

Still in Instagram stories, the woman from Sorocaba explained that it has been difficult to reconcile the demands of the two children in their daily lives. Although he is no longer breastfeeding his eldest son, who has not even missed breast milk even though he has seen his sister in the breast, Theo is still very young and cannot be alone.

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This Wednesday, for example, Biah Rodrigues explained that she barely slept. The influencer woke up at 3 pm after taking a nap several times during the night, because Fernanda “wanted to talk”. “And it only served the mother”, laughed the model, adding that the situation requires even more attention because she chose to breastfeed her daughter on demand, that is, whenever the child wants.

Previously, the woman from Sorocaba even reported difficulties in breastfeeding her youngest. “Unlike Theozinho, who was a clock. I even thought she didn’t like tetê! I need to keep stirring so she wakes up and suckle. Theozinho finished the feed without any drop of milk on both sides,” he said.

Biah Rodrigues impresses with a lean silhouette a few days after delivery

The influencer spoke about breastfeeding and mask in the stories because she had opened a box of questions to talk to her followers. In one of them, an internet user asked how Biah manages to keep her body dry even with so little time for delivery. The model explained that the secret is not to diet, but to eat well. Sorocaba’s wife’s body drew attention even when she was still pregnant with her daughter.

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