Biah Rodrigues and her daughter combine hairstyle at the girl’s 2-month party: ‘Little Princess’

Biah Rodrigues records details of little Fernanda’s growth

While some netizens praised the decoration and the little one, who was dressed all in white, some Biah followers were shocked by the fact that Fernando is already two months old. In fact, it went by quickly, but the girl was born on the 10th of November, after a normal labor that lasted just five hours.

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At the time, Biah even gave a long account of what it was like to give birth to her second daughter, explaining that she even danced in the hospital to speed up the process.

Routine with two children leads Biah Rodrigues to hold back tears

Recently, shortly after Fernanda’s arrival in the family, Biah Rodrigues began to vent on Instagram stories to explain that the routine with two children has made her exhausted. In a long honest account, the influencer said that she even holds back tears when her eldest son, Theo, asks for attention, but cannot give it because she is dedicating herself to her youngest daughter, who is more dependent because she breastfeeds.

In one photo, by the way, Biah showed that she can’t even have a little privacy when she goes to the bathroom, because she is often alone at home with her two children. In these cases, the youtuber takes the youngest and lays her on cushions in front of the door, so she can watch while she does her own business.

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