bhopal platform ticket prices reduced: Bhopal aur habibganj railway station par 20 rupaye me milega platform tickets : Now platform tickets will be available at Rs 20 at Bhopal and Habibganj railway stations


  • Platform ticket prices reduced at Bhopal and Habibganj railway stations
  • Now instead of Rs 50, the ticket price will be Rs 20
  • Bhopal Railway Division took the decision, new rates will be applicable from September 18
  • Railway’s appeal after reducing the price of platform ticket, do not increase the crowd unnecessarily

During the Corona period, the Railways increased the prices of Platform Ticket Prices Reduced. People coming to pick up or drop off railway passengers had to buy platform tickets for Rs 50. Now Indian Railways has given great relief to the people. Bhopal Divisional Railway Administration has decided to reduce the rate of platform tickets at Bhopal and Habibganj stations. Now instead of 50 people will have to pay 20 rupees.

From September 18, passengers going to the railway station will have to pay Rs 20 instead of Rs 50. Earlier, the price of platform ticket at these two stations was fixed at Rs 50 per person, which is being reduced to Rs 20 per person with effect from 18.09.2021. Railways have requested citizens to drop their relatives at the station and pick them up from the station, to enter the platform with a platform ticket only when absolutely necessary.

It has been said from the railways that the situation of overcrowding should not be created on the platform. It is necessary to follow all the guidelines issued by the government to avoid virus infection. Significantly, after the second wave of Corona stopped, people accompanying the passengers were demanding to reduce the price of platform tickets. The price of platform ticket has been reduced at Jabalpur Railway Station before Bhopal and Habibganj.

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