Bhopal News People forced to move on bad roads in BHEL township

Bhopal News: Bhopal, Navdunia representative. The roads of BHEL township, which was once a road from the city, are in bad shape these days. The population of 25 thousand people of BHEL township and 1.25 lakh adjoining colonies are getting disturbed. A total of 1.5 lakh people are facing problems due to bad roads. All the roads including BHEL Anna Nagar Tirahe to Mahatma Gandhi Square, Piplani Petrol Pump approach road, Bajrang Market, Kasturba Hospital Marg, ITI roads are in bad shape. People are facing problems due to huge potholes on the roads.

All three unions of BHEL, National Labor Congress, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, All India BHEL Employees Union, are continuously demanding the construction of roads from BHEL management and BHEL city administration, but no hearing is being held. The BHEL Municipal Administration neither built the roads before the rain nor is the potholes being filled up now.

It is being said that the BHEL Municipal Administration does not have the budget to repair the roads for the last three years. Earlier, a budget of about Rs 10 crore every year was used for road, sewage, park and other repair works in BHEL township. Due to Corona, the BHEL management cut the budget. BHEL’s senior spokesperson Raghavendra Shukla says that the roads of BHEL township are also used by people of other colonies of the city. Passenger buses leave. City buses operate. The state government should also cooperate for making the roads of BHEL township, only then people will be able to get better roads for movement.

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