Bhopal News Bad road of Barkheda Pathani filled with potholes relief to passers by but no permanent solution

Bhopal News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). The potholes of the bad roads of Barkheda Pathani have been filled. After which the common passers-by and the residents of the area have felt relief but this is not a permanent solution. Residents say that the ballast is spreading and the risk of accidents has increased. Day by day people’s two wheelers are losing balance. The main road leading from Barkheda Pathani vegetable market to Katara Hills in the area has been completely damaged. This road is passing through the main settlement whose entire part is bad. The corporation had filled the pits with ballast four days ago. Now the ballast has started spreading though there is relief than before.

Two lakh people and passers-by pass every day

More than 1.5 lakh residents live in Barkheda Pathani area itself. Apart from this, this road also connects the Katara Hills area, so more than 50 thousand people of Katara Hills area come to the city daily through this road. Residents say that more than two lakh people pass through Barkheda Basti every day. Especially during the morning office hours and in the evening, there is a situation of jam.

The demand of the residents should be a paved road, it should also be wide

Residents of the area, Dayanand Kaushik and others have demanded that there is a dire need to pave the road in accordance with the increasing pressure of people’s movement in the area. Also the width has to be increased. Only then can there be smooth movement.

no pressure from representatives

Residents say that the condition of the road is dilapidated for the last three years. This is known to all the people of the area. Resident Deepak Gupta says that every public representative is aware of the condition of Barkheda Pathani road but no one is paying attention. Due to this the road is not being built.

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