Bhopal Forest News Butterfly survey in Ratapani Sanctuary 55 species of colorful butterflies found will also help in tiger conservation

Bhopal Forest News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Efforts have been intensified to secure the growing population of tigers in the Tiger State of Madhya Pradesh. There are currently 526 tigers in the state. This clan is likely to grow further. In future, tigers do not face food crisis, so wildlife like vegetarian chital, deer are being released from one reserve to another in the tiger reserve and in the general forest. Apart from these, the state government has started butterfly survey for the first time in Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary with the presence of 48 tigers. In this, the species of butterflies are being identified. More than 55 species have been found in the survey on Saturday. There will be a survey on Sunday also. Future plans will be made for the conservation of butterflies. By implementing this action plan, vegetarian wildlife will increase. The food chain of the forest will be strengthened. Tigers will benefit from this. At present, tigers from Ratapani reach the population around Bhopal, Sehore, Hoshangabad, Budhni for hunting. Especially frequently cross the Bhopal-Itarsi railway track. During this, more than 12 tigers, leopards and bears have lost their lives in 10 years due to being hit by the train. Carnivorous animals will get rich prey by strengthening the food chain. They will not come out of the forest. In this way their future will be golden. People will also avoid clashes with tigers.

How butterflies are a happy coincidence for tigers

Anil Nagar, wildlife expert and retired regional director of Satpura Tiger Reserve, says that the presence of butterflies reflects biodiversity. Their presence indicates that there are different types of plants and vegetation in a particular area. Small and herbivorous animals get food from these plants and plants. In this way the food chain is strengthened and the tiger at the top of it also gets good food. Apart from this, butterflies also tell good climatic conditions. If there are many types of butterflies in an area or forest, then the ecosystem there is strong, the climate of the particular area is better. It is not changing continuously. No effect of pollution. These conditions ultimately lead to better habitat for every wildlife.

There are 150 species of butterflies in the state

There are estimated to be 14,00 species of butterflies in different states of the country. Of these, about 150 species have been identified in MP. In the survey conducted in 2015 and 2020 in Van Vihar National Park, 36 species have been found. These include Blue Tiger, Fancy, Mormon, Common Grass Yellow, Plain Tiger etc. In the survey conducted in 2017 in Satpura Tiger Reserve and hill station Pachmarhi in Hoshangabad, 126 species were found. These include Indian Nawab, Kaman Nawab, Orange Aakleef, Kal Jezebel etc.

The presence of butterflies will make the future of other wildlife including tigers golden

DFO Vijay Kumar of Obaidullaganj General Forest Division has confirmed the finding of more than 55 species of butterfly in Ratapani. These include butterflies of species like Common Jezebel, Great Egg Fly, Grey-pansy, Lemon Pansy, Chocolate Pansy, Lemon Grass etc. After the survey is completed, experts will be consulted from across the country to preserve them. Accordingly, a plan for butterfly conservation in the sanctuary will be made. For example, butterflies live in special types of grasses, plants, fruit bushes, so will develop grasslands in the sanctuary. Plants and shrubs will be planted. Also, all efforts will be made as per the advice of experts. This will increase the number of herbivorous wildlife, which will replenish food for other wildlife including tigers. After the completion of the survey, the work on the action plan will start.

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