Bhopal Crime News The wife was not found the police brutally beat her up for complaining in the CM helpline

Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Appealing to the police to find the missing wife cost a man. Nothing was known about his wife, who was missing for two months, but the Arera Hills police called the police station and beat her mercilessly. His only fault was that he had complained to the CM helpline.

Rahul Prajapati (25), a resident of Kumhar Mohalla, works in the State Education Center. Rahul told that on July 15, his wife had left the house asking to go to her maternal home. Since then she went missing. He did a lot of research for his wife. Relatives were also contacted, but nothing came of him. He reached the Arera Hills police station and complained, but there was no help from the police. Desperate, he lodged a complaint about this in the CM helpline. After this Havaldar Umesh Singh Bhadauria asked him to withdraw the complaint. When the complaint was not withdrawn, the police refused to help him. On this, Rahul again lodged a complaint with the CM helpline. After this, on September 9, TI RK Singh called Rahul to the police station. When Rahul reached the police station at 6 pm, Umesh Singh and two other policemen brutally beat him up. In this case TI RK Singh says that Rahul’s statements were with Umesh Singh. During this an altercation would have happened. Investigating the matter.

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