bhojpuri ott platform: Bhojpuri Audience: On the OTT platform, the audience is going to see a lot of entertainment.

Worldwide Records, which has created panic in the music industry, is soon going to make a new debut, under which this year the company is going to turn to the increasingly popular OTT platform in recent times. That is, World Wide Records is soon going to launch an OTT platform in collaboration with an international partner. However, what will be the name of this OTT platform, it has not been disclosed yet.

Worldwide Records has a good hold in regional languages ​​and the number of fans of the company is also in crores. In such a situation, after the news of the launch of OTT platform by Worldwide Records, people got excited, while the name has not been revealed yet, but whatever the name, the audience is going to see a lot of entertainment on this OTT platform.

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Regarding this, Ratnakar Kumar, Managing Director of Worldwide Records said that we are going to do an international collaboration soon, under which we will launch an OTT platform. In this we will present exclusive movies, songs and web series in regional language like Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Marathi and Gujarati. The company has its own library of movies and songs, in which you will find every aspect of entertainment. The company continues to produce films and albums.

He said that he will continue to make good content films and songs and music. Our new OTT platform will be launched soon. and users using it will be able to access any exclusive content released by it.

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