Bhind News: Police caught wife’s killer buried in the field at 2 o’clock in the night

Wife had commented on washing clothes, husband first beat with stick and then with butt of gun

Bhind (Napra). Phuf police station recovered the dead body of a woman buried in the field in Janaura village at 2 pm after a nine-hour effort. The woman was murdered and buried by her husband. To hide the evidence in the field, the accused husband had leveled the soil by driving a tractor. It took the police nine hours to find the body. The police have also rounded up the accused husband. He is under interrogation.

Phuf police station in-charge Anita Gurjar said that 55-year-old Munnu Pal, resident of Janaura village, had killed his wife Kusma Pal on September 6, 2021, by beating her with a stick and butt of a gun. In fact, Munnu Pal’s mother Vishna Devi, daughter Chona alias Sona were present in the house on the day of the incident. While coming from outside, Munnu asked the wife that the clothes were given for washing? Why not wash? The wife taunted that from whom they are coming outside, they would have got their clothes washed. On the other hand, there has been a dispute between Munnu and his wife regarding the affair in the past as well. Munnu got furious as she taunted in front of mother and daughter. Munnu first beat Kusma with a stick and then brought the gun kept in the house. He hit Kusma on the head with the butt of a gun. Due to this, Kusma died on the spot. In the dark of night, Munnu buried the body of his wife by digging a pit in Khar near the field behind the house. He leveled the soil by driving the tractor from above. Threatened and silenced mother and daughter. On Tuesday, September 6, daughter Chona was sent to her in-laws’ house. During this the mother of the deceased called her. When the calls were not attended, the mother informed Kusma’s brother living in Gwalior. He complained to the police. After this, when the police reached Munnu’s house, mother Vishna Devi revealed the whole secret. Later Chhona also came from her in-laws’ house. It was only after questioning Vishna Devi that the police started searching for the dead body in the field behind the house.

The accused came to take stock of the house, the police did a roundup

The accused had absconded after the incident. Phuf police station in-charge Anita Gurjar says that on Friday, the accused had come to his village to take stock of the house and the environment. During this, the accused has been rounded up. Phuf police station in-charge says that they are interrogating. After interrogation, the gun used in the crime will be confiscated on the behest of the accused.

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