Bhilai News: People have been kind to basic facilities due to lack of public representatives

Bhilai. The 70 wards of the corporation are God’s trust. On January 21, 2021, the term of the elected council of the corporation has ended. People of Bhilai Corporation area are without public representatives for eight months. Therefore, even their basic facilities are not working. Roads are bad, not being maintained. Street lights are not being maintained. Somewhere the water facility is better and sometimes it is very bad. Although the Bhilai Corporation has started a program of public darshan in all the zone offices every Monday to redress the problems of the people, but people are not able to reach there, there is no possibility of elections being held right now, in such a situation. The question before the people is that to whom should they take the complaint.

Let us tell you that in the year 1998, Sada was disbanded. The first election of Bhilai Corporation was held in the year 2000. After that in 21 years such a situation has never been created that the corporation has remained without a representative for so long. The term of the fourth council of Bhilai Corporation has ended on 21 January 2021. From the mayor to all the councilors have retired. Presently the corporation is being run by the officers. The authorities are listening to the problem, reportedly resolving it. It is the officers who are making proposals for the development plan, taking out tenders and getting the work done according to their own accord.

The general public knows only one thing, their councillor. They have nothing to do with the authorities. He goes to the councilor for every small and big problem. Due to the retirement of the councilors, the general public has to yearn for basic facilities. Somewhere there are big potholes on the road, somewhere there is a drain block. Somewhere there is no cleanliness, there is no street light somewhere. If water is coming somewhere, it is not at all. People have become very upset since eight months. At present, there is no possibility of elections.


People are very upset. There is no one to raise his voice. The basic facilities have come to a complete standstill. Not everyone can go to public darshan with a problem.

Deepak Rawana, outgoing councilor, Municipal Corporation Bhilai

For eight months, people are troubled by circling the corporation regarding the demand for facilities. There is no basic facility available. Public darshan is just to say. There is no chance of elections as of now. People are getting upset.

Bhojraj Sinha, Retired Zone President

John a Nehru Nagar

The people of my ward were worried about water for four days last week. For four days, I myself had to go round the corporation. People are suffering a lot due to lack of public representatives.

Manoj Yadav, outgoing councilor

Municipal Corporation Bhilai

Jandarshan has been started every Monday in every zone to save people from trouble. Also there is facility of diagnostics 1100. Apart from development work, problem solving is also our priority.

Ashok Dwivedi, Additional Commissioner

Municipal Corporation Bhilai

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