Bhilai News: Nandini road repair work started

Bhilai. The work of repairing the dilapidated road near Navataria Khedamara in Nandini Road has been started. Two days ago, three people of the same family were killed in a road accident there. The main reason for the incident was the dilapidated road there. After the incident, the people of the surrounding got angry and they created a ruckus. Naiduniya had published the news on Friday itself regarding the condition of the road. After this, the administration has started road repair work to provide immediate relief.

Let us inform that on Wednesday, there was a road accident near Navataria Khedamara in Nandini Road. In which three people of the same family were killed. The road from Bogda Pulia Jamul to Patharia Chowk in Nandini Road is in bad condition. There are big potholes on the road. Apart from small vehicles, there is a lot of movement of big vehicles from here. Because of this many accidents happen here. Two years ago, two people were killed when they were hit by a dumper near Dhaur Chowk. After which the angry people set the vehicles on fire and created a ruckus. This time again people were angry after the accident happened. Seeing the anger of the people, the administration has just started the patchwork on the road. The potholes in the road are being filled and repaired. so that accidents can be controlled.

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