Bhilai News: Loan of 50 crores taken on the factory mortgaged in the bank

Bhilai. A loan of Rs 50 crore was taken by a foreigner from the Korean bank Sinhan Bank on the land and machinery of Simplex Castings Limited mortgaged in three banks including State Bank of India. It is alleged that this has been done by Texmeco Rail & Engineering Company. Not only this, the involvement of the officers of State Bank of India has also been expressed in this work. The complaint of this entire matter has been made to the Finance Minister, CBI and Central Vigilance Department.

A unit of Simplex Castings Limited is located in Plot No. 750, Village Sarora Urla Industrial Area, Raipur. It was taken over by Taxmeco Rail & Engineering Limited Company under the agreement in the year 2019. According to the complainant, the said land and machinery is still jointly mortgaged with three banks (State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda and UCO Bank) in the name of Simplex Castings Limited. In which State Bank of India Commercial branch is Raipur Lead Bank. In a complaint to the CBI, Toran Chandrakar, joint secretary of the District Congress Committee and labor leader of the Chhattisgarh Unorganized Workers’ Union, alleged that a foreign Korean bank Sinhan by forgery on the basis of the said mortgaged land and machinery by the Taxmeco Rail and Engineering Limited Company. 50 crore has been taken as a loan from the bank.

According to the allegation, this fraud could not have been possible without the connivance of the bank officials. However, in the information sought under the Right to Information, the bank has clearly stated that NOC, concert letter or any other document has not been given by the bank to Taxmeco Rail & Engineering Limited Company. But the question is being raised that how is this possible without documents. It has been said in the complaint that the said unit and machinery of Simplex Castings Limited on which loan has been taken by Taxmeco Rail & Engineering Limited Company. Even today in the records of the CSIDC department the name of the former company Simplex Castings Limited is registered, whose lease deed has not been edited till date. Toran Chandrakar said that it is a big corruption that how can one get a loan of 50 crores from another bank on the land and machinery mortgaged in the State Bank of India and why the officials of the State Bank of India have not registered an FIR in the police till now.Joint Secretary , Congress, Gudardehi and State General Secretary Chhag Unorganized Employees Labor Union Toran Chandrakar said that an international fraud has been committed by Taxmeco Rail and Engineering Limited Company, Kolkata with the help of the bank. The complaint has been made to CBI, Central Vigilance Department. Will also submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister of the state.

Hemant Guania, Vice President Taxmeco Rail & Engineering Limited Company, Kolkata said that no fraudulent work has been done on our part. This matter is also going on in the court. All the allegations are wrong, you can also check it at ROC if you want.

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