‘Beyond Illusion’: without David and without Joaquim! 3 reasons for Isadora to be alone at the end of the soap opera

THE soap opera “Beyond Illusion” is in the last few weeks – the last chapter airs on August 19th. Among the already known endings, Davi (Rafael Vitti) proves his innocence in the murder of Elisa (Larissa Manoela) and ends the story alongside Isadora (Larissa Manoela). Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita), the modist’s current husband, ends up arrested for the blows against Tecelagem Tropical.

Speaking of Úrsula’s (Barbara Paz) son, the villain spends a few days in jail accused of killing Abel (Adriano Petermann), murdered by the villain in the soap opera that will lead to “Mar do Sertão” (learn here details of the new plot of the six ).

But despite the future indicating happiness for isadora and Davi, there are reasons to root for Matias’ daughter (Antonio Calloni) don’t stand next to the magician. It’s the purepeople list some of them!

+ already in the soap opera ‘Pantanal’, Juma gives reasons to be the most boring

Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Davi does not love Isadora, he loves Elisa

The magician met Isadora when Matias’ youngest daughter was a child, but fell in love at first sight with her older sister, Elisa. The attraction was so great that the illusionist convinced the rich girl to leave the good life aside and move with him to Rio de Janeiro.

The plan just didn’t go ahead because Matias found out about his daughter’s plan and pulled the gun on the good guy. By accident, the judge ended up killing Elisa herself. Davi, after almost 20 years in prison, managed to escape and by chance stopped at the weaving factory of Elisa’s family, the girlfriend he never forgot.

The boy was enchanted by Isadora when he saw in her the faithful portrait of Elisa, his great and why not say, only love?

Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Isadora is not resolved between Davi and Joaquim

Joaquim and Davi started to dispute Isadora and the good guy always got the worst in front of the rival’s frames. However, it was enough for Nelsinho (Johnny Massaro) to appear in the story to win over the dressmaker, who left the two to see ships.

In addition, Isadora engaged a rebellious phase for no reason, getting to be arrested. It also doesn’t hurt to remember that the girl has had back-and-forth relationships with Davi and Joaquim, with whom she married despite showing a certain sadness at the time of “yes”.

Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Isadora is bothered by ‘Davi’s past’

Davi assumed the identity of “Rafael” and the farce cost him dearly when Iolanda (Duda Brack), ex of the real Rafael, accepted to pretend to know the magician and accuse him of being the father of her child. Of course Joaquim is behind this.

And it was only because of “David’s past relationship” that Isadora decided not to marry the magician. Knowing that by this time the girl had already had sex with the magician and “his son” had been born.

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