‘Beyond Illusion’: Violeta discovers an old case of Heloísa and Matias. Know Isadora’s mother’s reaction!

O case in the past of Matias (Antonio Calloni) and Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) at novel “Beyond Illusion” finally go being discovered by Violeta (Malu Galli), sister of the seamstress and wife of the former judge. Olívia (Debora Ozório) was born from the relationship, taken by force from her mother’s arms by Afonso (Lima Duarte). And Violeta finds out about the ex-lovers’ secret when Olivia is shot in the demonstration.

Revolted, Violeta faces her sister, anticipates columnist André Romano, from the “TV Observatory” portal, and the scenes will air in the next chapters. “What’s it like? Olivia is Matias’s daughter? So it was never his delusion?”, he asks, referring to the day Matias threw his bastard daughter out of the house.

“Is that his name that you refused to tell daddy, and ended up losing the girl?”, continues the mother of Isadora (Sofia Budke/Larissa Manoela) and Elisa (Larissa Manoela) in the period soap opera by Alessandra Poggi.

+ Heloísa’s baby son is kidnapped in the final stretch of the soap opera ‘Além da Illusion’

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