‘Beyond Illusion’: Matias humiliates Isadora by comparing her to Elisa for dating David. ‘Miss’

Isadora (Larissa Manoela) will be humiliated by her father once again in final stretch of the novel “Beyond Illusion”. Matias (Antonio Calloni) will offend his youngest daughter by comparing her to Elisa (Larissa Manoela) because of her relationship with Davi (Rafael Vitti). “Sirigaita! Libertina!”, shoots the ex-judge without being able to separate Isadora from Davi, who will get a happy ending in the last chapter, on August 19th.

But until then, a lot happens, and Isadora is even locked in the house by Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita), who still threatens her with hospitalization. The new clash between the dressmaker and her father occurs as soon as Violeta (Malu Galli) learns that “Rafael” is actually Davi.

“He never liked me. Even before the tragedy happened, he never liked me,” says Joaquim’s wife categorically. Who anticipates is the columnist André Romano, DO “Observatório da TV”.

It is worth remembering that the businesswoman was not at her daughter’s 15th birthday party when the magician performed, nor when Elisa was murdered. Violeta also did not attend the street artist’s trial. So she couldn’t recognize David.

Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Matias is furious with Isadora. ‘Libertine!’

In the argument, Violeta defends her youngest daughter and confronts her husband. “Let’s stop with these accusations now! Isadora was not at fault in the death of her sister, Matias. I won’t allow you to talk to her like that!”, shouts Olivia’s aunt (Debora Ozório), who was shot during a demonstration that would change her life. .

But Elisa’s killer doesn’t face each other and humiliates both the eldest daughter and the youngest daughter. “Violet, do you have any idea this girl was going to marry Elisa’s killer? She… She gave herself to him the same way her sister did! Minx! Libertine!” accuses, in the soap opera to be replaced by “Mar do Sertão” on August 22.

“Then they ask me why I can’t look her in the face. Isadora is ruining her life, just like Elisa did. And you’re conniving! Everyone in this house is! You should apologize to me on your knees, every one of you , because when I pointed the finger at the trickster and said he was the magician, no one believed it!”, he says, sure he’s right.

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