‘Beyond Illusion’: Matias acts with cruelty to cause interruption in Heloísa’s pregnancy

At novel “Beyond Illusion”, Matias (Antonio Calloni) will show all his cruelty when he discovers that his ex-lover, Heloísa (Paloma Duarte), is pregnant with Leônidas (Eriberto Leão). Elisa’s Killer (Larissa Manoela) will try to cause a miscarriage at the seamstresswho will be faced by Violeta (Malu Galli) when her old affair with Matias is discovered.

The information is from columnist André Romano, from the “TV Observatory” portal. It is worth remembering that at first Heloísa will hide from Leonidas that she is expecting his child. And upon hearing the seamstress talk about the pregnancy, Matias decides to act. “Oh, but you’re not going to steal from me my friend, not really!”, says the rascal, who in a moment of kindness will save the life of a daughter.

In the kitchen of the mansion, Matias puts herbs that cause abortion in the tea that Manuela (Mariah da Penha) prepares for her employer, mother of Olivia (Debora Ozório), the weaver shot at a labor demonstration. Without clearly suspecting that the drink is “baptized”, Heloísa ingests the tea and soon begins to feel sick, screaming for help.

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Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Matias is cynical and pretends to be innocent

Sadist, Matias comes close without hiding his smile. It’s enough for Heloísa to suspect her brother-in-law/ex-lover’s guilt: “What did you do, Matias?”. Without a shred of remorse, the assassin lets out a tremendous, sinister laugh.

“Matias, you are a monster…”, Heloísa shoots. Falsely, Matias feigns innocence. “Me? But what did I do? Manuela prepared the tea!”, says the villain, who at the end of the soap opera assumes that he killed his own daughter.

“Leônidas’s mole fell into the tale, but there’s still time to wake up. Your spell won’t last long, bitch”, concludes, sadistic, Matias, in Alessandra Poggi’s period novel. The plot should come to an end on August 20 to give way to “Mar do Sertão”.

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