‘Beyond Illusion’: Joaquim points a gun at David, but the magician is saved. Find out by whom!

Us last chapters of the novel “Beyond Illusion”, Davi (Rafael Vitti) will be in the sights of a gun pointed by Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) after the villain discovers that his wife, Isadora (Larissa Manoela), has resumed dating the magician. At this point, Joaquim will have left the jail, and the girl is convinced that the illusionist is innocent in the murder of Elisa (Larissa Manoela).

A tragedy just doesn’t happen because Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) appears and threatens Úrsula’s son (Barbara Paz) in addition to, of course, saving Davi, who wins a happy ending alongside Isadora. Joaquim decides to take justice into his own hands when he discovers his wife’s betrayal.

“I came to wash away my honor as a betrayed husband. Is it possible? This gabiru takes everyone in the conversation, he’s an illusionist who hypnotizes everyone around him. But he doesn’t fool me”, says the rascal firmly, already cocking his weapon. “You’re going to die, bastard!”, continues Joaquim.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that even in this final stretch, the villain will punish Isadora and make her a serious threat. “Beyond Illusion” ends on August 19 and will be replaced by “Mar do Sertão” (here you can check out some details of the new six o’clock soap opera).

Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Heloísa threatens Joaquim and saves David


Joaquim just can’t put into practice his threat to his rival because of the arrival of Heloísa, with a shotgun in his hands. “Joaquim, put the gun down or you’re the one who dies! Now! Let’s go! Put it down! Come on, Joaquim, obey! Put the gun down!”, demands Violeta’s sister (Malu Galli), with whom she will have a serious fight when revealing treason with Matias (Antonio Calloni).

Cornered, Joaquim puts his gun on the ground, but he doesn’t stop provoking. “You’re defending this thief and you don’t know who he is, Dona Heloísa. This is the man who killed Elisa! The magician Davi Jardim!”, says the cretin.

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