Beyond ‘BBB 23’: 7 cases of harassment that marked other editions of TV Globo’s reality show

MC guime It is shoe faceparticipants of “BBB 23”, were accused of harassment in the early hours of Thursday (16) against Dania Mendez, Mexican chosen for the interchange of the edition. The situation occurred during the Leader’s party and TV Globo was criticized for ‘hushing up’ the subject throughout the day in its programming schedule.

The case involving Dania, however, was not the first to happen on the reality show.. In previous editions, behaviors involving sexual harassment also became the agenda and the competition involving the millionaire value already had to expel participants from the game.

Remember episodes of harassment in editions of ‘Big Brother Brasil’.

‘BBB 12’

The first case involving sexual harassment in the global reality show happened in the edition of ‘BBB 12‘. Daniel Echaniz was disqualified and expelled from the competition after suspected rape involving a drunk confinement colleague.

At the time, images of the participant making movements under the duvet while the girl was unconscious were enough for Boninho to make the decision. Daniel was denounced and acquitted after police investigation.

‘BBB 16’

the participant Laertius was accused of pedophilia by Ana Paula after making obscene gestures towards other women in the house. In addition, the ex-‘sister’ realized that he faced Munik, 19 years old at the time, while the champion of the ‘BBB 16‘ danced at one of the house parties.

Laércio even admitted within confinement that he liked to get involved with younger girls, between 19 and 17 years old. The former ‘brother’ was not expelled, but was eliminated in one of the Walls. Outside the program, he was arrested on charges of imprisonment for rape of vulnerable.

‘BBB 20’

Bianca Andrade, also known as Boca Rosa, was a remarkable character in the ‘BBB 20’, the first edition with famous and anonymous participants in the cast. In addition to the public’s rejection, the ex-wife of Fred Desimpedidos – from ‘BBB 23’ -, was a victim of sexual harassment.

At one of the parties, the gymnast Petrix he ran his hand over the businesswoman’s breasts and touched her private parts to Flay. The following day, the ex-‘brother’ was called to the confessional and apologized to his confinement colleagues.

But Pétrix was not the only participant to harass colleagues within the ‘BBB 20’. During editing, Pyong Lee he tried to forcefully kiss Marcela McGowan, in addition to rubbing Flay’s bottom with his hand. Outside the house, the influencer was summoned to give a statement about what happened.

Still on the ‘BBB 20’, Gizelly Bicalho showed visible discomfort when realizing that Daniel he had his hand on his leg. The ex-‘sister’ even walked away from her, but the ex-House of Glass embraced her again by the legs and was scolded a second time.

‘BBB 21’

The controversial participant Karol Conká, owner of the highest rejection percentage in the history of the program, was accused of harassment for insisting on kissing Bil Araújo, who turned his face away several times. In ‘A Fazenda 13’, the ex-‘brother’ revealed that he was traumatized by the episode involving the singer.

‘BBB 22’

As in edition 20, ‘BBB 22’ had more than one case of harassment observed by Internet users and the production of the reality show. the participant Vyni zoomed in on Eliezer’s private parts and received a warning from the program itself.

On another occasion, Eliezer he was also alerted when he tried to ‘corner’ Jessilane in the house’s swimming pool. The biologist, uncomfortable with the situation, insistently asked her colleague to stop and production intervened with an alert.

‘BBB 23’

The recent case involving MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato was not the only one in the issue. Gabriel Santana was harassed by Bruno Gaga – dropout participant -, at confinement parties, more than once. The actor made it clear that he did not want to kiss his colleague and asked him not to insist anymore.

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