Beware of this product recall at Carrefour: presence of E.Coli, customers are asked not to consume it!

In agreement with the FASFC, Marlier is withdrawing the salted raw milk butter (500g) of the Marlier brand, with the expiry date of 05/11/22, from sale and recalling it from the consumer because of the presence of ‘E.Coli STEC.Marlier asks its customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the point of sale where it was purchased (Carrefour de Bomerée), where it will be reimbursed.

Product Description

– Product name: Salted raw milk butter

– Brand: Marlier

– Use-by date (DLC) (“Use by”): 05/11/22

– Batch number: 05/11/22

– Sales period: from 27/04/22 to 11/05/22

– Type of packaging: paper

– Weight: 500g

The product was distributed by:

Crossroads Rue de la Station 1 6110 Montigny-le-tilleul

For further information, contact:

Marlier via 0496 51 14 91

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