Between heaven and earth? Janžurová on the moment of Karel Gott’s death

They had known each other for over fifty years, since 1968, when they recorded the Song for Rudolf III. Even Karel Gott once in the famous program from Slaný he publicly stated that he respects Iva Janžurová as an actress. Iva also remembers Gott’s visit to the Queen’s Audience at the Estates Theater.

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Iva Janžurová: Why does he have to speak vulgarly? It’s the syndrome!

“He asked me if I would invite him, and when I thought out loud that the management would provide me with a lodge from time to time, he stopped me because he just wanted an outbuilding. But of course I arranged a lodge for them. Ivanka and I were then invited to dinner, and that two-hour evening is also one of the moments I keep. Charles shared his impressions of the show with me and could see how he thought about it, how informed and dedicated he was about the content of the game and the various UK prime ministers who take turns in the game before the Queen. He was excited. Then he sent me the orchid I cared for at home, and when it began to wither, I feared for his life. For a moment she got up from her complete death, at Christmas 2018 I sent them a peefko with a blooming orchid again and took it as a sign that Karel would manage his illness … “

But when the flower began to wither in the spring of 2019, she preferred to keep it to herself, saying nothing to the Gotts, of course. She knew that the symbolic connection more than indicated. “When she finally fainted, Karel also left after a few days. That’s when I cried all day, “confided her favorite actress. Karel Gott died on October 1, 2019, shortly after the celebration of his eighties.

Iva Janžurová at the opening of Febiofest: She ran away from the film about Gott!

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