Better Call Saul timeline confirmed


The official Netflix account revealed in what year the events of the series starring Bob Odenkirk that we are seeing in this sixth season take place.

Saul Goodman debuted in the second season of Breaking Bad.
© IMDbSaul Goodman debuted in the second season of Breaking Bad.

Just as at the beginning of Better Call Saul we saw many flash forwards that showed him turned into Gene Takovic and told what had become of his life after being rescued by the famous vacuum cleaner character played by the deceased Robert Forsterthe spin-off of breaking bad began to show more and more sequences set in a future not so distant from what was seen in the original show created by Vince Gilligan. This was even more evident with the recent installment of the series, where many details were seen related to the ostentatious mansion that Saul Goodman had and how it was that little by little he built the office that was seen since his appearance in breaking bad.

Presented as a prequel to breaking badit was never very clear what years it was Better Call Saul beyond some interpretations that could be made by seeing the technology used by the characters and some of the themes they dealt with. This great doubt that crossed the series since its creation was resolved yesterday, after the launch of the ninth episode of the sixth season, entitled “Fun and Games”.

“We wait 59 episodes to be able to say this: OFFICIALLY Better Call Saul Y breaking bad They’re on the same timeline.”they wrote in the publication of the account of Twitter of Netflix Latin America. This was evidenced with the last scene of the episode. After the break between Saul Goodman and Kim Wexlerwe understood that it was that sadness that was the straw that overflowed the camel’s back and pushed him to be the unscrupulous lawyer that we met in the second season of breaking bad.

+When will Walter White and Jesse Pinkman appear in Better Call Saul

Days before the arrival of the sixth season of Better Call Saul a AMC and Netflix It was officially confirmed that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul would return to the universe created by Vince Gilligan to put yourself in the shoes of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, respectively. The problem was that it was never said when those cameos would take place, nor was it known how long said participation would last. The returns of the actors were kept in the strictest secrecy and luckily for the producers nothing was leaked.

If we take into account that Netflix Latin America confirmed that Better Call Saul Y breaking bad are in the same timeline and we add the scene of the closing of “Fun and Games”everything indicates that the next chapter will appear Walter and Jesse. Also, if you remember correctly, the first appearance of Saul Goodman in breaking bad showed him completely scared, thinking that his captors had actually been sent by Lalo Salamanca (character who died just in the previous episode). In this way, it is likely that this connection between the two fictions is about to fall in the next chapter, since the reaction of Saul Goodman suggests that he was still not very convinced that Lalo Salamanca have died.

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