Better Call Saul, how the scene of the explosion of Los Pollos Hermanos was made


The fifth season of the spin-off of breaking bad starring Bob Odenkirk had an unforgettable sequence with Gustavo Fring and Nacho Varga as responsible.

Bob Odenkirk stars in Better Call Saul.
© IMDbBob Odenkirk stars in Better Call Saul.

Open the debate about which series is better, breaking bad either Better Call Saul, it may mean never closing it. There are people who refuse to believe that fiction starring Bryan Cranston Y Aaron Paul can be overcome, while others believe that the depth of the narrative and the way in which the fiction starring Bob Odenkirk They are a sign that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould they further perfected themselves as filmmakers.

weeks after Better Call Saul reaches the end of its sixth and final season, we tell you how one of the best sequences of the entire spin-off of breaking bad. We are talking about the episode “JMM” which aired on March 30, 2020 and was part of the fifth season of the series. Over there, Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and Nacho Varga (Michael Mando) were responsible for an unforgettable sequence.

During the seventh episode of the fifth season, Gustavo and Nacho teamed up to blow up one of the fast food facilities in The chickens brothers. Oddly enough, the explosion was not computer animated but was a completely real event in a full-scale restaurant. This was confirmed marshall adamsdirector of photography for the series, in an interview with Look who I found.

“That whole chicken sequence was shot over two nights in a fast food restaurant that the trucks were ready to demolish. Our location people went and begged them to stop and got permission to have the place for months, while we waited to go there, turn it into The chickens brothers and destroy it”explained the director. Thus, he recounted: “He directed it Melissa Bernstein. It was his first time directing. She had proposed this idea to him of showing Gus across the street and see the explosion behind him. And then see him walk to the car and see the reflection of the burning place in his window. Thank God it worked, because who knows what can happen with the pyrotechnics”while recalling that even 6 meters from the car of Gustavo Fring you could feel the heat from the explosion.

+Will there be more Breaking Bad spin-offs?

Still without the end of Better Call Saul broadcast, some people wonder what will become of the future of the universe of breaking bad. In an interview with dead line, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould They explained what will become of the saga. “I love these characters, I love this world. Maybe one day, but personally I’m going to take a break from this world and try to do something else, just to show that I can.”said Gouldwhile Gilligan explained: “I think that’s my answer too. There are stories to tell, but it’s not about proving anything to the world, it’s about proving it to yourself. Hopefully that thing I’m working on will have someone who wants to buy it and someone who wants to make it.”.

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