Better Call Saul: Does Zafiro Añejo Tequila Exist?


The alcoholic drink was presented as a symbol of purchasing power. Those who drink the last drink from the bottle can keep its unmistakable lid.

There are three episodes left to go.
© IMDbThere are three episodes left to go.

The business of brands and fictions on the small screen and the big screen often go hand in hand. For example, the third season of stranger things caused a stir around a can of Coke from the 1980s, which was presented as a replica in the series because it is no longer marketed, but which allowed us to spend weeks talking about this drink. Of course not everything is business and there are situations like pulp fiction in which mention is made of the hamburgers of McDonald’s without necessarily having been an economic agreement.

In the case of Better Call Saul (and also breaking bad) many times mention was made and an expensive bottle of tequila was shown. known as Sapphire annexed, this bottle is the one that appears as a symbol of purchasing power: not only is it worth a lot to be able to take a drink from this brand, but those people who are able to take the last drink will be able to go home with the lid on. Without going any further, this is something they do Kim Wexler and Saul Goodman after cheating on an executive in a bar and taking the cover home with them, which we later see in one of the show’s openings where they’re clearing out of Saul Goodman.

The big question has to do, then, with the origin of this drink. Are we talking about a real brand when we say Sapphire annexed or is it one of the many inventions of the creative team of Vince Gilligan? If you were looking for where to buy a bottle of Sapphire annexed To entertain your loved ones, we must inform you that it is actually an invented brand and that you can only get it if you get someone to print a label for you and design the lid for you, to have as a collector’s item.

+Why they didn’t use a real tequila in Better Call Saul

The situation with the bottle Sapphire annexed it is very particular. It happens that the original intention of the creators of Better Call Saul It would have been to use a real brand of tequila. However, the reasons and the context in which the bottle was going to be presented made it very difficult to get a company that wanted to lend its name to appear in the spin-off of breaking bad. Why?

As you well remember on the fandom page of breaking badone of the first appearances of the bottle of Sapphire Aged Tequila It takes place in a homicide context. Gustavo Fring takes it as a gift to Mr Eladio with the peculiar detail that before handing it over he decided to put a powerful poison with which he ended up killing a large part of the Juarez cartel, in what marked one of his most important ascents in drug trafficking. This is how this brand was created, which could also allude to the color of methamphetamine cooked by Walter Whitesince sapphire is a bluish mineral, like the drug they sold Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman in the popular series Vince Gilligan. It is said that the design of the bottle would be inspired by Hardy Perfection Fire Cognac.

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