“Better Call Saul” 6: why Spice Curls revealed Lalo Salamanca’s plan

What happened in “Better Call Saul”? Season 6 of the AMC series, which can be seen on Netflix, has released its chapter 5, with more details of the whereabouts of Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) and the suspicions of Gus Fring. The series by Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn and Jonathan Banks (Giancarlo Esposito), who you can watch online like thisis in the first part of the final closure of his story, which could change the perspective of “Breaking Bad”.

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In the first episodes that appeared in 2022, the consequences of the assassination attempt on Lalo Salamancathe drug lord who had become a nuisance to the owner of “The chickens brothers”. Despite the plan, the nephew of Hector Salamanca has survived, as seen at the close of season 5.

The failed attack has already claimed one of its victims, as Nacho Vargain one of the most intense and moving episodes of this last stage of the fiction of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.

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The story of Jimmy McGill, the Saul Goodman of “Breaking Bad”, has surprised by the quality of its plot and the revelations that complete the first series. Now, a curious detail happened with Gus Fring and the Spice Curls from “Los Pollos Hermanos”especially because of the explanation that it would have with its survival before Lalo Salamanca’s revenge.

Gus Fring in one of his “Los Pollos Hermanos” stores. (Photo: Netflix)


yes the saucer Spice Curlstranslated into Spanish as curly potatoes, made Gus Fring sensed Lalo Salamanca’s plan in Germany: discover what the owner of “Los Pollos Hermanos” had been building, obviously behind the back of the cartel, a thread that Hector Salamanca’s nephew He had been shooting since season 5.

the character of Giancarlo Espositotaking all precautions against the possible revenge of Lalo Salamanca, he preferred to distract his mind and help in the attention of one of his fast food places. When she offered the curly fries to a customer, Fring realized that Lalo’s silence probably meant that he was acting abroad..

This association has its explanation in the meeting that Gus Fring had in Madrigalduring season 5, when offered Spice Curls to his boss and associate in drug trafficking, Peter Schuler, who is German. Nationality possibly spawned Gus’s relationship with Werner Zeiglerthe German architect who worked in his superlab and was killed by Mike after almost telling Lalo the whole plan.

In it season 6 episode 5appeared on Tuesday, May 10 in Netflixthere is no explanation of the epiphany that has Gustavo Fring with his Spice Curls, but the pieces are well placed in the narrative that it is not necessary to show those memories.

Because the first thing he does Gus is leaving the premises of “Los Pollos Hermanos”without the excessive caution of the previous episodes, because he knows that Lalo is not in the United States to kill him, but in Germany to foil his lab plan to make his own drug. The curly potatoes would be the explanation for his survival in the face of Lalo’s revenge.


First part of “Better Call Saul 6″

  • Tuesday April 19: The first two chapters will be broadcast on the Netflix platform that day and then it will be one per week, on Tuesdays, until May 24.

Second part of “Better Call Saul 6″

  • Tuesday July 12: The second part of “Better Call Saul 6″ will be broadcast on Netflix on July 12 with one chapter each week and will end on August 1.
Lalo Salamanca in Germany, when he makes contact with the wife of Gus's German architect.  (Photo: Netflix)
Lalo Salamanca in Germany, when he makes contact with the wife of Gus’s German architect. (Photo: Netflix)


Peter Gould, one of the creators of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” pointed out in an interview with Variety that the interaction between the two successful series will be very different from what we thought. “These two worlds intersect in a way you haven’t seen before. That is sure”accurate.

Meanwhile, Vince Gilligan, another of the creators, highlighted the appearance in this prequel of Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul playing Jesse Pinkman. “It would be a shame if the show ended without them showing up, wouldn’t it? You heard it here first”.

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