BETRAYED | Volkan realizes that Asya used it

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Derin is desperate because Asya is threatening her to post the video on the internet and let the whole world know that she was unfaithful to Volkan.

Asya asked her mother Gonul to return the presidency of the hospital to Volkan, she replied that it will be so that she can leave her in peace, but Gonul told her that it is best to tell her the truth so that Asya does not continue to threaten her, but to Derin is terrified of him leaving her and getting a divorce once and for all.

Asya manipulates Volkan

Asya talked to Volkan and told him that she had a great time on her birthday, in the presence of him and Ali, then she gave him a kiss and he was speechless; It is only the beginning of Asya’s revenge and she is achieving a lot.

Volkan goes on a trip with Asya

Volkan packed his bags to go away for the weekend with Asya and Ali, but due to Derin’s jealousy, he simply told her that he was going to work.

She told him not to worry that she would not follow him again.

Asya advises Ceren

Ceren was trying to locate Selçuk but she couldn’t, so she went to Asya’s office and asked her if she knew anything about him, she replied that she went with Nil, his wife, for a few days and advised her to leave them alone and not get carried away. for Derin’s plans to destroy their marriage.

Nil and Selçuk enjoy their honeymoon

Nil and Selçuk went away for a few days with the intention of celebrating their honeymoon, but when a couple asked them if they had children, he answered yes and she was upset, since the child he will have will be with Ceren and she will not. bears.

Nil told him that she feels like she is the other one and not his wife.

Derin talks to Onur

Derin talked to Onur to ask him to interfere so that Asya doesn’t show her the video where they kiss Volkan.

Asya, Ali and Volkan go on a trip

Asya’s plan worked, she managed to go on a trip with Ali and Volkan, which aroused the jealousy of Derin who decided to go after them, along with her mother Gonul.

Derin freaks out

Derin went to the place where Asya and Volkan were, and went crazy to see them dance the song to which they were married.

He approached them and decided to tell her that Onur kissed her and that it was all about Asya’s revenge, he only said that they all disappointed him and left the hotel.

Volkan went to see Derya

Volkan went to Derya’s house and asked if Asya was playing with him, she was speechless and didn’t know what to say to him.

Derya assured him that he is not helping Asya, but he told her that he thinks she is his friend and that he is tired of being in the middle, then he threatened her.

Volkan hits Onur

Volkan went to Onur’s house to hit him and claim him for having kissed Derin, threatened him and asked him to get away from her.

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