BETRAYED | They find a body but it turned out not to be Derin

Marilyn Eyebrows

Gonul is very distressed by the disappearance of her daughter Derin, she spoke with Volkan and told him everything she feels after what has happened.

Derin’s Quest

The police began to paste notices all over the streets of the town in order to start an exhaustive search for Derin, while Haluk organized a press conference to publicly inform the media of his daughter’s disappearance and asked the town to notify if they have seen it, as there will be a reward of 1 million lira.

Asya receives a box

Asya was at home and they rang her doorbell, when she came out there was no one but she realized that they left her a box, inside it was Derin’s ring and a note that said “This is just the beginning”.

Police question several about Derin

Police authorities questioned Dr. Turgay, Selçuk, de Derin’s employee, gentlemen from the association, and Asya.

Derin’s employee takes Zeynep to Ali

Gonul was very upset when he realized that Derin’s daughter, Zeynep, was in Asya’s house with Ali and Volkan; so he went to look for her but at the time of the argument, Haluk received a call from the police after the discovery of her body.

Gonul and Haluk go to the place where they find a body

Very distressed and crying desperately, Gonul arrived at the place where they found the body of a blonde woman, thinking that it could be Derin.

At that moment, Gonul’s brother approached and saw the woman’s face, after which he informed them that it was not Derin.

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