BETRAYED | Onur and Derin kiss

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Volkan received a call when he was on his way with Derin to have a romantic dinner, they told him that he had to go urgently to the construction of one of the projects, so he left Derin at the house and left.

Before leaving her, Volkan gave Derin a gift, a necklace, she, surprised, thanked him, but was left with the doubt that it was not the necklace that the jewelry lady showed her.

It turns out that the call was a plan by Volkan to be able to travel to Istanbul in search of Asya, since she herself set him up and made him believe that in addition to going to a conference, she would go to meet Aras.

Derin goes after Volkan

After receiving the necklace, Derin left her home for Istanbul, because at once she thought that Volkan was lying to her and that he would go after Asya.

Volkan goes to Istanbul

Asya’s plan worked, because Volkan went to the hotel in Istanbul where she was, saw her in the cafeteria, she asked him what he was doing there and he replied that he wanted to give her a gift for her birthday.

He gave her a luxurious diamond necklace as a gift, she thanked him excitedly and asked him to wear it. After that, she told him that he had to go to a meeting and he was speechless.

At that moment Derin arrived and she opened the coat she was wearing to show him the necklace that Volkan gave her.

Furious, she started looking for Volkan but before meeting Derin, Asya had warned Volkan to get out of the place.

Derin calls Volkan

Volkan quickly left the place and pretended he wasn’t with Asya, asking her to calm down and stop thinking things that aren’t. She asked him to give her the location of where she was and he went looking for her, making her believe at all times that she was never with Asya.

Asya meets with Onur

With the intention of telling her the whole truth about Derin, Asya met with Onur, who wants Derin and told her that she is not getting a divorce, she told him everything that she has lived with her and what happened in the past.

Onur was speechless at all this, Asya told him that she would call him to meet him and let him know when she did.

Derin calls Onur

Derin called Onur, who visibly annoyed told her that he knew that she was not going to get a divorce, she was speechless and well, he, annoyed, told her that he already knew the whole truth about her, she insisted on seeing him, so he met her at her house and she accepted.

Derin arrived at Onur’s house, they were arguing and she was trying to explain the situation to him, when suddenly he kissed her, that kiss and everything was recorded by Asya’s assistant, Pelìn.

After the kiss, Derin ran out of the place and saw Pelín outside, tried to threaten her but received a call from Asya, then she lost control and began to despair, because Asya already has proof of her infidelity.

Volkan and Ali surprise Asya

To celebrate her birthday in a special way, Volkan and Ali prepared a surprise for Asya at her house.

The three of them celebrated with a dinner together, which Asya thanked them for and took the opportunity to invite Volkan to spend a weekend together in Sapanca, which he accepted.

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