BETRAYED | Derin unleashes chaos after making the video of Volkan and Asya public

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Volkan keeps insisting on getting closer to Asya, he was sharing with Ali and told Asya that he will ask Derin for a divorce.

Well, it turns out that at that moment Derin arrived at Asya’s house and heard when Volkan told her that he would ask for a divorce, she ran away, got into her car and Bahar could see her.

Bahar saw her and told them so Volkan called her on the phone and had it turned off.

Derin loses control

Learning from a video that Volkan still loves Asya, Derin went to his house and ripped off some of Volkan’s clothes, losing control entirely.

Volkan came and she got worse.

Derin complains to Gonul

Derin complained to her mother about the video where Volkan appears with Asya, telling her that he has not forgotten her. She told him that she did not do it with care, that what she wanted to avoid was causing him suffering.

Sinan talks to Asya

Sinan spoke to Asya and asked her to come with him to Asutralia, but she kept thinking and didn’t give him an answer.

Selcuk visits Hicran

Selçuk has decided to get closer to his mother, after learning that she is ill and has little time to live. When she saw it, she was moved and felt very good.

He relented and agreed to have tea with her.

Derin uploads the video on the internet

Derin ordered that the video where Volkan and Asya appear together be uploaded on the internet, she did it just at the moment when she was in a charity meeting; Asya slapped him after telling him that she was a bad mother.

After this, now Derin unleashed a big problem in the whole town and the whole family.

Nil and Selçuk have dinner with Hicran

Selçuk agreed to meet his mother and have dinner together with Hicran.

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