BETRAYED | Aras remembers Leyla’s betrayal

Cesar Fula

Aras and Leyla They start Betrayed with a conversation from their past, it seems that Aras vaguely remembers their marriage and asks Leyla what was the discussion they had when he suffered his memory loss accident, in the end he tells her that he doesn’t feel anything forshe.

Despite the fact that Aras told him that he did not want to be with her, he remembers that at the time Leyla betrayed him, this leaves Leyla cold because she thought that Aras was going to return to her, it seems that the repentant woman’s theater was a failure.

spy from volcan

After finishing the strong argument, Aras quickly leaves Leyla’s apartment, and while waiting for the elevator, Leyla goes out to return the engagement ring, but what they did not know was that a Volkan spy was recording everything.

Volkan with his intrigue

Upon receiving the information that Aras was hiding, Volkan immediately went to tell Aras’s secret to Asya, this definitely changes Asya’s perspective since she told him from the beginning that she didn’t want any secrets between them.

Derin and her plan

Derin desperately tries to lengthen the legal process between her and Volkan, as she asked the lawyer to delay the case as much as possible. This request puts her lawyer against a rock and a wall, who calls Haluk to tell him what Derin intends.

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