BETRAYED | Aras despairs at the appearance of Leyla

Cesar Fula

After discovering that Leyla is Aras’s wife, Volkan is still on the trail of Aras’s true identity, so he realizes that Leyla is staying at the same hotel and asks for the last name of the mysterious lady… What is she up to?

Asya spoke with Gönul to ask for her consent to speak with Demir, she agrees and meets her at a restaurant, Demir upon arrival is surprised to see Asya with her mother, and what she did not imagine was that they would talk about Ali.

Meanwhile, Selçuk talks with Ali and gives him an important life lesson, as he says that he must change his way of treating Asya, since she is the only person who will always be there for him.

Asya’s despair

Leyla’s appearance puts in three and two Aras, he remains uneasy about the probability that Leyla will talk to Asya, which he doesn’t will be not at all beneficial for Aras because then Asya will know that he has been cheating on her all this time.

On the other hand, Volkan talks to Selçuk about Aras, tells him that he knows the whole truth about that guy, and assures him that this is the opportunity to finally get Aras out of Asya’s life… Will this be worry or jealousy? ?

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