"Bet that..?": Thomas Gottschalk comments on criticism

“Bet that..?”
Thomas Gottschalk comments on criticism

Thomas Gottschalk in "Bet that..?".

Thomas Gottschalk in “Bet that..?”.

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Despite strong quotas, there was criticism “Bet that..?”. Thomas Gottschalk thinks that there is no reason “to justify oneself”.

Last weekend, Thomas Gottschalk, 72, invited to a new edition of “Bet that..?”. The moderator obviously doesn’t care that the show was not well received by everyone.

Thomas Gottschalk reacts to criticism

“There is no reason to justify yourself”writes Gottschalk in the “picture”-Newspaper. The format is running “always according to the same pattern” away: “A lot of people are happy about it and the quota is higher than elsewhere.”

“Bet that..?”-Success is a question of perspective

In fact, the show had good ratings. According to AGF Videoforschung and GfK, the total audience tuned in to 10.087 million viewers – a great market share of 39.5 percent. In the target group between 14 and 49 years, it was even 43.7 percent with 2.645 million people. At the same time, this also meant a significant decline compared to Gottschalk’s first “Bet that..?”-Return in November 2021. At that time, 14.46 million had looked, a share of 45.9 percent.

If after some “disgruntled journalists” would go “I would have cried goodbye to my job thirty years ago”, writes Gottschalk now. There was also some criticism on social media, for example from Oliver Kalkofe, 57, who has been skillfully satirizing German TV content for many years. “The fact that the show was bad today has nothing to do with #Gottschalk’s age”, wrote the actor, presenter and satirist on Twitter. “In good spirits he’s still great.” Instead, the responsible ZDF editors “Nostalgia with standstill” and “Retro feel with repetition” mistaken.

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