Bestial Sundays – The genius of three boys in Piedmont: they swap shorts to deceive the referee

“Since when the transformism it has become a need”: he sang like this Ivan Ditches in “My band plays rock”. And although the parody version of Tony TammaroMy brother smokes a scrock”, in this episode of Bestial Sundays the original version fits. Yes, because we are talking about “transformism”: in some cases pushing ourselves towards transvestism, in others in the more classic combination of clothes and monks.

BESTIAL Camouflage
Yes, bestial of course and not animal. Although in this case she almost had to take off her hat for the genius of three boys of the Beppe Viola Footballunder 17 Piedmont. Almost, because finally their attempt to to cheat the referee exchanging the shorts it was discovered. This is an excerpt from the Sports Judge’s story: “G. in an attempt to avoid the second yellow card and the expulsion for the sum of yellow cards, deceived the referee with the complicity of the teammates: taking advantage of the momentary distraction of the referee engaged in quelling an argument between two players, he exchanged shorts with the number 19 P. at that moment still on the bench, and showed this number to the referee who had called him back for a yellow card. In this way the referee was cautioned for the n. 9 at minute 30 of the second half and the n. 19 in the 37th minute of the second half, as per the scoresheet, and Mr. G. continued to play unduly until the substitution, which took place 3 minutes later”. But there is also a third accomplice, P2, who took the shorts of one of the two above. In short: they messed up…but the attempt is funny. The coach will laugh a little less since they have been all three disqualified for two days.

While above the dress is the means used to mislead others, in this case it is the element that betrays belonging, as happened for some members of the Bulé BelinzagoPromozione Piemonte, who have earned a fine from 250 euros why: “Some people off the pitch and near the Bulè Bellinzago bench, wearing club clothes, talked to the bench and then they insulted in various ways the triad. Although the referee asked the coach to intervene, the latter replied to do not be worried any fine”.

Matches marked by strong rivalries between fans are usually armored, you know. So why not resort, also in this case, to ingenuity and transformation. During the Bulgarian Cup match between Spartak Pleven And Locomotive Sofia the ultras of Spartak are disguised as stewards, they left the stadium and had an easy entrance into the away sector, unleashing a full-blown brawl. It had to intervene policewhich in addition to the difficulties of the case also had to understand what the real stewards and which ones fake.

In Hungary instead, in the national reserves championship, equivalent to an Italian amateur series, a footballer was immortalized point a gun against the linesman following an unwelcome decision. “It was only one joke, the gun is fake and I just wanted to make the kids in the gallery laugh”. However, the leaders of the Hungarian Football Federation did not laugh much, since they have it disqualified for life.

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