Best Thai dramas of 2022 with great love stories

Thailand has shown its ability to tell love stories of all kinds in recent years and fans have been delighted with each of its productions. From romances full of fantasy and innocence, to stories where a forbidden love seeks to be accepted by the world. What were the best Thai romance dramas of 2022?

The thai dramas They tell stories of all kinds, from office romances, from childhood, to fantasy stories to tender school stories. These recommendations that premiered this year are perfect to watch before the end of 2022.

If you don’t know which Thai dramas to watch, these premiered in 2022. Whether you like stories between gods of death and ghosts, romances in the middle of a mission, or dramas where the protagonists belong to high society. Each of these doramas are perfect for you.

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Thai Romance Dramas That Released This Year

Can you imagine a romance between a God of Death and a ghost who refuses to die? That’s what Love Forever After is about. A deceased young woman who refuses to ‘cross over to the other side’. Since she does not want to do it, a God of Death proposes that if she fulfills a mission she can recover her human body and come back to life. Having no idea that the time they spend together as she tries to accomplish her mission could cause them to fall in love with each other. It has a total of 30 chapters and you can see it in doramasmp4.

Having a title can be very important to many aristocrats. This is what this story is about, about a young woman who, after her father is labeled a rebel and her family’s name is sullied, she now does everything possible to regain the respect and position they used to have, acting arrogantly in the process. Will she meet someone who will completely change the way she is? It has a total of 16 episodes and you can watch it on doramasvip.

Two investigators meet a medium who could help them solve a case. The girl only agrees to help them if she can find a talisman that will help her get rid of the karma she is paying for. In the midst of their missions, will feelings of romance begin to grow? Action, comedy and drama, a perfect combination to marathon for hours. It has a total of 13 episodes and you can watch it on doramasmp4.

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This fun BL drama tells the story of two young men who are the sons of large corporations, decide to arrange a marriage between them, but while one does not want that relationship, the other is willing to conquer it. Do you think he will be able to do it? It has a total of 12 chapters and you can see them at Youtube.

In other news, if you really enjoy Thai dramas, these are available on Netflix.

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