Best Stray Kids MAMA Performances That Are Memorable

For a long time now, Stray Kids have been a part of the Mnet Asian Music Awards, preparing amazing performances that left STAY breathless, do you remember some of these performances?

Every year, mnet It holds an awards ceremony that is one of the most anticipated by K-Pop fans, as it always features the most popular artists, large stages, and amazing presentations with the hits that were released throughout the year.

The boys from Stray Kids have been part of the lineup of the MOTHER for several years, but each time they conquered the public with their music, their energy and their amazing dance steps.

Do you want to remember some of the presentations of these idols? Here you can relive several, each one has the great teamwork of the guys from stray kids.

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Stray Kids: Performances at MAMA where they showed off their talent and energy

  • Victory Song at MAMA 2020

During MAMA 2020, Stray Kids took over the stage performing Victory Song, the concept of the musical show was shocking, which is why the group caused a stir among fans.

In 2018, Stray Kids performed in Japan as part of the MAMA show, wearing black and white attire, the idols demonstrated why their shows are always unmissable.

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  • Stray Kids Mix at MAMA 2021

In that year, the JYP Entertainment group had an extensive and great stage, where they sang tracks like Hey! Monster and Thunderous.

  • Stray Kids covered EXO at MAMA 2018

In this edition of the awards, JYP idols took over the stage and presented two of EXO’s most popular tracks, Growl and Overdose.

Although we already talked a bit about what happened at the awards ceremony that year, another song that the group was able to present was Cheese and here you can relive the idol show.

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