Best romance dramas where the protagonist falls in love with the CEO

Office romances are very popular in the world of K-dramas. Especially when it comes to an employee who somehow or another ends up in love with the attractive owner of the company. These couples often face all kinds of problems and create stories full of drama and fun. If you want to see a drama with this theme, these are recommendations that you should not miss.

The korean dramas They usually have stories of all kinds and one of the most popular plots are those that are set in the office. Can you imagine the opportunity to date your attractive boss? A lots of dramas tell that story and are recommendations that you will enjoy from beginning to end.

So find your favorite seat in your house, prepare the snack that you like the most and get ready to marathon these romance K-Dramas where the protagonist could win the heart of her attractive CEO.

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K-dramas where the protagonist and the CEO of her company have a love story

Year: 2022

This story is a fun romantic comedy where the protagonist must pretend to be a completely different person so that her boss doesn’t find out that they work in the same company, while at the same time, they pretend to be a couple in front of the owner’s family. Which causes very funny situations while she tries to lead that ‘double life’. Starring Kim Se Jeong and Ahn Hyo Seob, you can watch it on Netflix.

  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Year: 2018

This drama has a bit of enemies to lovers. The story is about the vice president of a company who is very demanding and a perfectionist and has had a secretary for more than 9 years. However, one day she decides to resign and at that moment the CEO realizes that she needs his assistant very much. Starring Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young. You can watch it on doramasflix.

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Year: 2017

This story is about a girl who possesses super strength. Although in reality her desire is to become a video game programmer. She begins working at her dream company after the CEO discovers her super strength and hires her as his personal bodyguard, with the promise that she will let her program video games when she is no longer in danger. A fun and sweet love story that will make you scream for hours with its chapters. Starring Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik. You can watch her in pandramas or doramasqueen.

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Year: 2017

This drama tells the story of a CEO of a public relations company who is very shy. His life will take a 180 ° turn when a lively and outgoing employee enters the company and begins to challenge him to get out of her comfort zone. Starring Park Hye Soo and Yun Woo Jin. You can see it in Netflix.

Year: 2017

What will happen if you meet a person you had a one-night stand with at the company you start working for? That’s what My Secret Romance is about. After spending an unforgettable night together, the protagonist decides to disappear without saying a word. Three years later, she begins to work in a company as a nutritionist, without having any idea that the CEO of the place is that boy with whom she had a passionate affair. Will feelings between them be born again? Starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun. You can see it in Netflix.

Year: 2016

Do you believe in bad luck? This drama is about a girl who has very bad luck and to try to get rid of that luck, she contacts a shaman who tells her that she has to have relations with a man who is from the year of the tiger in the Chinese horoscope, otherwise her bad luck will gonna. After she starts working at a video game company and finds out that the CEO was born in the year of the tiger, she will do everything possible to seduce him, despite the fact that he is very cold and calculating. Will they fall in love? Or will people from the past stand in their way? Starring Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol. You can see it in viky.

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