Best photos of Suga with glasses where the idol looks perfect

Suga is one of the BTS members who needs to wear glasses to see well. Although the idol does not usually appear in many photos with them, when he does he excites ARMY, as they know that the rapper looks much better when he wears glasses. This photo compilation is the clear example of his unique style with this accessory.

suga He is one of the members of BTS who has a unique and marked style. For this reason, every time he uses accessories with his wardrobe, fans are delighted, especially when it comes to glasses. Many Photos of the rapper with glasses are one of ARMY’s favorites.

BTS’s Suga has worn glasses on several occasions. // Source: Twitter @BTSVenezuela_

Although for many people using glasses it could give them insecurity, that is not the case with Suga from BTS. Who, in addition to needing glasses, when they have used them has shown that they are perfect with their type of face.

It doesn’t matter if they are thin framed or thick framed, even if they have fancy colors or not, each style of glasses It has fit like a glove and Suga knows it. This compilation of the composer’s photos proves it.

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Photos of Suga with glasses that prove that any style looks good on him

The style of glasses that Suga currently wears is a simple one, with a thin and simple frame, completely metallic. This lens design has given him an intellectual look that ARMY fell in love with.

Suga recently appeared on a broadcast wearing glasses. // Source: Twitter @seoulbondedsoul

On the other hand, suga He has also tried other styles such as a thicker frame on top of his glasses, giving him a bit of a hipster and modern look. Did you like this style?

BTS’s Suga wearing a different style of glasses. // Source: Twitter @minjoonieluv390

The idol has also tried retro styles in the style of the popular 80s glasses, which have garnered a lot of attention for making him look more cute and fun.

Suga from BTS wearing retro style glasses. // Source: Twitter @hourIysuga

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suga has taken his love of glasses to another level with a very thick frame and a black to brown gradient style. With this style, the rapper demonstrated a more rebellious look.

BTS’s Suga wearing thick-rimmed glasses. // Source: Twitter @hourIysuga

On the other hand, the part of the glasses sometimes should not be so big and he has already worn similar glasses with a thick frame but with smaller lenses, which makes him change the style completely.

Suga from BTS with thick-rimmed glasses. // Source: Twitter @blvcksnow_twt

Finally, the frame does not always have to be completely round or oval. suga He has also sought to explore other types of shapes for his glasses, even more hexagonal, which gives him a more fun and innovative look. What is your favorite photo of Suga with glasses?

BTS’s Suga wearing glasses with a frame that is not round. // Source: Twitter @hourIysuga

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