Best photos of NCT 127 enjoying their tour in Latin America

In a few days, NCT 127’s NEO CITY: THE LINK world tour in Latin America will end. Of the three countries they have visited, they have completely fallen in love with the cities and their people. They have not hesitated to show their fascination through posts on Instagram.

NCT 127 He traveled to Brazil, Chile and Colombia to give several concerts for his world tour NEO CITY: THE LINK. During their country visits, they have not missed the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of his adventures in Latin America. Do you want to see it?

Taeyong from NCT 127 in Bogota, Colombia. // Instagram @taeoxo_nct

In addition to preparing for their concerts, the members of NCT 127 They have not missed the opportunity to enjoy the riches of South America as true tourists. They have not only tried different dishes, they have also visited museums and more. Do you want to see some of his photos?

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Photos of NCT 127 walking through the streets of Brazil, Chile and Colombia

Taeyong of NCT 127 fell completely in love with Colombia. The idol went for a walk with his staff and visited different churches and museums, sharing many Photos of your fun experience. She even almost chased pigeons.

NCT 127’s Taeyong in a cathedral in Bogotá, Colombia. // Instagram @taeoxo_nct

NCT 127’s Taeyong in a plaza in Bogotá, Colombia. // Instagram @taeoxo_nct

On his day off in Colombia, Yuta, Mark, jaehyun Y jungwoo They enjoyed a delicious meal together, while drinking several shots of tequila. In the end, according to Yuta’s Instagram stories, the four of them got a little drunk.

NCT 127 enjoying a meal in Colombia. // Source: Instagram @yuu_taa_1026

Mark he also went to what looks like a park that was full of greenery around him. The idol rested for a bit on a bench after his delicious meal.

Mark posing on a bench in Colombia. // Source: Instagram @onyourm__ark

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jaehyun completely enchanted by Chile, the idol shared a selfie he took at his hotel. Without a doubt he did not want to leave the place, did you know that he had to run at the airport to catch his flight?

Jaehyun from NCT 127 in Chile. // Instagram @_jeongjaehyun

While in Brazil, the entire group enjoyed a delicious steak dinner accompanied by wine and doyoung he made no secret of how much he liked the wine he was tasting in Brazil.

Doyoung dining with NCT 127 in Brazil. // Source: Instagram @do0_nct

Johnny he visited a shopping center during his visit to Brazil and was completely fascinated with the view that could be seen from the place. He couldn’t take his eyes off the vegetation.

NCT 127’s Johnny in a mall in Brazil. // Source: Instagram @johnnyjsuh

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