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Highly Paid Jobs In The Agriculture: India is considered to be an agricultural country, where the economy runs on the basis of agriculture, but even then this field is not considered good for making a career. People consider it as the area of ​​farmers and laborers. Although now the situation has changed, now career options are continuously opening in this field as well. From the government to the private sector, they are investing heavily in this sector. Due to which now the interest of the students is also increasing here.

IFS Officer
If you are selected as an IFS officer, then you can get initial salary of 40 to 65 thousand rupees per month. To become an IFS officer one has to complete graduation in science stream. After which the Indian Forest Service-Union Public Service Commission exam will have to be given. It consists of two parts of written examination and interview. After which the selected candidates will be trained for two years. The prime responsibility of an IFS officer is to manage forests, environment and wildlife issues.

nabard grade officer
NABARD B grade officers get very good pay scale in government offices. They get a salary of 30 to 56 thousand per month. After getting selected in NABARD Grade B candidate has to work as Development Assistant. To get into this field, all those candidates can apply, who have completed their graduation or post-graduation in any discipline. Minimum qualifying marks should be 60 percent for general category.
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After becoming a biochemist, a person can easily earn 20 to 40 thousand rupees per month. Biochemistry is that part of science that deals with the science and investigation of living beings to benefit humanity. In the field of horticulture, biochemists develop rapidly developing and high yielding chemicals.

food scientist
Every day we keep eating something bought from the market, diet data is printed on the back of these food packs, about which research food scientists do. Their salary can range from 30 to 60 thousand per month. They work regularly with various researchers to ensure that the food served to people is safe for use. If you want to be someone who takes care of people’s health, then you can become a food scientist.
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Agriculture Economist
If you want to contribute to the development of the country along with agriculture, then you can make a career as an agricultural economist. Their salary can be 30 to 60 thousand rupees per month. An agricultural economist applies microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and principles to understand economic decisions, as well as analyze economic data to find and determine trends in economic activity.

agricultural engineer
As an Agriculture Engineer, you can easily earn 20 to 40 thousand rupees per month. Their job is to design new equipment and machinery and improve existing farming practices using computer aided technology. In addition, they also use data from weather and GPS to advise people on land use and assess the impact of existing processes on crops and the surrounding environment. At the same time, the Agricultural Engineer also gets the responsibility of supervising the agricultural construction project.
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agriculture officer
The post of Agriculture Officer is considered to be the most prestigious and well-paid in the government department. Depending on your experience, you can get a salary of 40 to 80 thousand rupees per month by staying in this post. An Agriculture Officer has to ensure that the work assigned by the Central and State Governments in his area of ​​work is completed on time. It includes preparation of crop yield reports, examination of crops, sampling, testing of diseases, etc. If you want to become an Agriculture Officer, then you can do graduation in Agriculture Science.

Agriculture Lawyer
The job of an Agriculture Lawyer is to resolve disputes related to agriculture. By staying in this position, you can easily earn 20 to 40 thousand rupees per month. Since our law has many guidelines related to property regulations, agricultural legal advisors are additionally required to manage issues related to agricultural infrastructure, security and intellectual property. They also handle matters that include labor law, environmental insurance and fair land use.

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