Best Harry Potter Prequel Ever Written and It’s Not Fantastic Beasts

The Harry Potter saga is not at its best, with the Fantastic Beasts films not getting the same success as the main saga, either with critics or audiences. Interestingly, the best prequel to the franchise has already been written and has nothing to do with Newt Scamander.

Warner Bros. is eager to turn Harry Potter into a bigger franchise, but unfortunately the studio is struggling to achieve that. The Fantastic Beasts movies were a good attempt, but largely failed, leaving the Wizarding World in limbo.

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At first, the Fantastic Beasts series looked promising, potentially creating films that would flesh out the wizarding world through the exploits of Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander. But they focused on the setting of a dark wizarding war and forgot about the wonder and joy of discovery that has always been at the heart of the franchise.

Sensing something wasn’t working, Warner Bros. and JK Rowling shifted focus until their prequel nature was the films’ main selling point.

Marketing for Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore focused more on Albus Dumbledore than on Newt Scamander, signaling that the trilogy had lost its way. Fantastic Beasts 4 increasingly appears to have been quietly cancelled.

The Harry Potter franchise has suffered considerable damage in recent years, in part because Rowling herself has become increasingly controversial, given her comments and transphobic stance.

If a prequel series is indeed the only thing that can work, then, ironically, the best potential approach has already been established: focused on James Potter and the Marauders.

The ideal prelude to Harry Potter

Rowling has written a story, sold at a charity auction in 2008, but also published online. More details were, of course, recounted in the main Harry Potter books themselves – which included various flashbacks courtesy of magical means such as the Pensieve.

This could retain the sense of wonder that characterized Harry Potter, most notably Lily Potter, Harry’s Muggle mother, who would serve as a perfect window into the Wizarding World.

There is currently nothing to indicate that Rowling and Warner Bros. are working on a Marauder movie, or even a high-value TV series.

The latter would potentially be something intelligent, as the ScreenRantsimply because it could bring in the extensive world building and character arcs that the concept deserves.

Such a series could start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, follow the traditional Harry Potter approach of each season telling the story of an academic year, and potentially move into the First Wizarding War between the Order of the Phoenix and Voldemort’s Death Eaters. .

It is true that large parts of the character arc are already known. But some of the memories explored in the Pensieve suggest that most of what Harry learned was filtered through the nostalgic reminiscences of those who loved his parents.

It would be fascinating to have the opportunity to actually spend time with Lily and James Potter, as well as their friends, and see how Hogwarts has changed over the decades under Albus Dumbledore’s leadership.

Harry Potter films are available from HBO Max.

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