Best dramas of 2022 that you should watch according to your zodiac sign

This 2022 all kinds of doramas were released, from fun romance and fantasy plots, to action stories, mystery and even zombies. Want to know which 2022 K-Drama you should watch based on your zodiac sign? Here you can discover it.

If you are a fan of korean dramassurely you saw many of the premieres of the 2022. Each of the stories had a unique plot that captivated viewers and are perfect to watch before the end of the year. Do you want to know which of all suits you according to your Zodiac sign?

Among the most popular K-Dramas of 2022 are stories like Twenty Five, Twenty One, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Tomorrow, and more. This compilation will tell you which K-Drama suits you best based on your zodiac sign. Or, you can enjoy the one you haven’t seen yet, as these twelve dramas are recommendations perfect.

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Doramas of 2022 that you will enjoy a lot depending on your zodiac sign

You are a brave person and you always think about what is fair, so Alchemy of Souls it’s perfect for you. A story of a group of swordsmen in a kingdom similar to the Joseon era. This group seeks to combat evil with magic and will premiere its second season next month. You can see it in Netflix.

You like to be down to earth, so a story that portrays a cruel period like the Japanese occupation is perfect for you. Pachinko tells the story of several generations of a family, which must travel through three different countries and face situations that clash with their culture and morals. You can see it in AppleTV+.

  • Gemini – All of Us are Dead

Geminis have a great capacity for adaptation and what you need to survive a zombie attack is the ability to adapt to your environment and survive, that’s why All of Us are Dead it’s perfect for you. The story is about a group of students who are trapped in their school when a zombie invasion begins and must find a way to stay safe until they are rescued. You can see it in Netflix.

  • Cancer – A Business Proposal

You are a very romantic person, so A Business Proposal is the perfect series for you. A hilarious romantic comedy where a girl pretends to be her best friend to go on a blind date, not knowing the person she’s going out with is actually her boss. After that, it will be a fun ride as she pretends to be someone she is not so as not to lose her job, as she unknowingly begins to fall for her boss. You can see it in Netflix.

You have the material of a leader and when you care about someone, you will do everything possible to make that person feel good. For that reason, tomorrow is for you. This drama touches on strong themes such as suicide and is about a group of emissaries of death that instead of taking souls, their job is to ensure that people do not end their lives prematurely. You can see it in Netflix.

  • Virgo – Forecasting Love and Weather

You really enjoy the present and everything that comes, even if it is a love in the middle of the storm, for that reason, Forecasting Love and Weather is the perfect drama for you. This story tells about a group of meteorologists who work in the same office and how they relate to each other in the office. You can see it in Netflix.

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You are a person who always seeks to be as fair as possible and for that reason Juvenile Justice is the perfect drama for you. This story talks about a judge who seeks to implement tougher punishments for juvenile delinquents, since sometimes they go undefeated for being minors. Regardless of their age, do people have to pay for their actions? This drama is full of emotion and cases that will make your blood run cold. You can see it in Netflix.

For someone like Scorpio, the perfect drama is Big Mouth. This story tells about a young lawyer who is unfairly framed for a crime. Now, inside prison, he will have to change his personality and make a name for himself, while his wife seeks to do justice and find the real culprit. You can see this drama in Star +.

  • Sagittarius – My Liberation Notes

Even though the present may look bad, you always feel optimistic about the future. For that reason, the drama My Liberation Notes is an ideal recommendation for you. The story is about three brothers who don’t feel comfortable with their current situation and will try to change for the better in some way or another, while they meet a mysterious man who hides a secret. You can see this drama in Netflix.

You are a person who never gives up until you meet your goals and for that reason cheer up is for you. A story of a girl who joins a cheerleading club in order to earn money and realizes there a passion she didn’t know she had and for which she will fight regardless of her past. You can watch it on doramasflix.

  • Aquarius – Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Some people under the Aquarius sign might be considered a bit weird and unique. In addition to having great creativity and living in his own world. For that reason, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is one for you, an exciting story that tells the story of Woo Young Woo, a lawyer on the autism spectrum who proves that regardless of her differences, she is an exceptional lawyer. You can see it in Netflix.

If you could go back to the past to do justice against all those who have wronged you, without a doubt you would and that is what it is about Again My Life. The story of a man who, after being murdered, has the opportunity to go back in time to find out who ordered to kill him and take revenge. You can watch this drama on doramasflix.

In other news, Single’s Inferno 2 already has a release date and a new trailer, have you seen what will happen in the new season?

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