Bersani at La7: “Comizio Meloni in Spain? That video should be disseminated as much as possible because those of the Brothers of Italy are exactly like this “

“That video from meeting of the Meloni in Andalusia I would distribute it as much as possible, because it is a truth operation. They are like that, in angry and aggressive tone and content. Brothers of Italy is this. I am against the Zan law, against the Ius Soli, against the end of life. In economics they are protectionist and corporate. And then they claim to swear by the anti-fascist Constitution without recognizing April 25th“. Are the words spoken to “Half past eight” (La7) by the deputy of LeU, Pier Luigi Bersani, that crushes the leader of the Brothers of Italy and her party also on the results achieved in the administrative Northdoes not even come close to the percentages attributed to it by the polls ”.

Bersani adds: “In FdI they still have some problems with liberal democracy. A restyling of the “God, country and family”. But I would show that video to the Italians, because they (FdI, ed) did not understand it: you can handle Italy with populism, with demagogy, with corporatism, but, if you touch something that goes to the bottom of the democratic theme, do not think that Italians do not react. But they are as they are seen from that video there. And I, if I were in Read and others, I’d just watch that video, without even commenting on it. I will do this when it happens to me ”.

A harsh warning from the parliamentarian to the exponents of the Brothers of Italy, such as Guido Crosettowhich he heavily attacked on twitter Lilli Gruber (“It is up to journalism like Herod to respect for childhood”), guilty of having hosted critical commentators with Giorgia Meloni in his broadcast: “In the meantime, I specify that I am speaking here in my name and that my words should not be attributed to Lilli Gruber. Journalists are journalists – she explains – and the speaker takes responsibility for her. This is a fairly basic concept. Here we are outside like balconies, because lately I hear things that really amaze me. A serious and civilized person like Crosetto cannot write those things there. Oh, Crosetto, are we kidding? But crazy stuff “.

Lilli Gruber echoes him, sending her message to Crosetto: “The point is that we have been journalists for many years and we try to do it as best we can. Sometimes we succeed more, sometimes less. Hence, journalists also have a duty to be critical. What we definitely never do is club“.

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