Bernardina Brito is ‘confronted’ and replies (without taboos): “Did you have sex at Casa dos Segredos?”

Bernardina Brito used the Stories of her Instagram account, on the night of this Monday, July 18, to launch a ‘challenge’ to those who follow her. The former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos 4” asked them to send her “rumors” that they had already heard or read about, in order to clarify “if it is true or false”.

One of the netizens wanted to know if, in fact, Bernardina Brito had sex in the reality show in which she participated.

Without taboos, the eternal “Bibi” confirmed it, admitting that she has no regrets: “Pure truth. Did you all see it? Do I regret? Not. It was with the man that I made known my true love (son)”.

Further on, and still about her previous relationship with Tiago Ginga, Bernardina Brito revealed that she tried “a few dozen times” to get back together with her former competitor but both realized it was not worth it: “When you love, I think we fall into this mistake of trying, trying, trying. Until we realize that we can’t! We became friends”clarified.

Remember that Bernardina Brito met Tiago Ginga, the father of her first child, at “Casa dos Segredos 4”, in 2013. Kévim was born in 2014 and in 2015 the couple ended their relationship.

Bernardina Brito is currently in a 6-year relationship with Pedro Almeida, with whom she has a 4-year-old daughter, Kyara.

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Bernardina Brito is ‘confronted’  and responds (without taboos): “Did you have sex at Casa dos Segredos?”

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