Berlusconi’s show at the Monza election rally, first the joke then the appeal: “If we don’t win Allevi we are cog *** ni”

“A poll came out this morning that worried me a little. TO one hundred girls from Monza between 20 and 30 they asked: ‘would you make love with Berlusconi?’. 33% replied: ‘maybe’; 66% ‘still?’ “. With this joke the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, began his speech during an electoral rally in Monza in support of the re-nomination of the outgoing mayor, Dario Allevi, in view of the ballots. The former prime minister did not use half words to express his support for the mayor: Allevi “is a mayor who has given great results, who has solved many difficult situations. We’d all be cog *** ni if we didn’t give him the city for another five years, ”he added.


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