Berlusconi on the end of the government: “Maybe Draghi was tired and took the ball to leave”

“Probably Draghi He was tired and took the ball to leave ”. Silvio Berlusconi in an interview with the director of Republic Maurizio Molinari talks about the end of the government. “We didn’t want to drop it“, Assures the leader of Come on Italy noting that his party “wanted the government to go ahead but that couldn’t happen with the 5 Stars that had determined the crisis “. Berlusconi continues with irony: “You know, the work of Prime Minister has longer hours than those of governor of a central bank “.

The choice of Mario Draghi to put confidence on the motion of Casini and not on the resolution proposed by the center-right of “a new executive without the grillini” was however unacceptable and for this reason, Silvio Berlusconi reiterates, the decision was made to “leave the classroom”. Look now at the elections with a coalition that will see them together with League, Brothers of Italy and two center lists: “The polls say that the center right will win most of the colleges,” he explains. Giorgia Meloni candidate for premier? “The premiership issue – she replies – is not on the agenda. We will decide if and what indication to give during a summit that we will do anyway before the electoral campaign ”. And the ministers’ departure from Forza Italia Gelmini and Brunettais greeted by Berlusconi with a “Rest in peace”.


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