Berghuis has confidence in Schreuder: ‘We take a good look at him’

Steven Berghuis still has full confidence in trainer Alfred Schreuder. The midfielder counters The Telegraph expresses that the criticized coach of Ajax still enjoys the confidence of his players.

‘We take a good look at him, work together and try to get out of this’, says Berghuis. According to the midfielder, the current Ajax simply needs time to achieve better play and better performance. ‘We haven’t been together that long. We come to the club to get better and that starts with you. As a team it has to grow. I also hear it and understand it too’, Berghuis refers to the whistle of the supporters.

‘If you follow football long enough, you know that’s how it goes’, Berghuis knows how it goes when a top club goes through a lesser period. ‘And then you just have to be a big boy, I think. We play at Ajax and there are high expectations. Take it on your chin.’

Berghuis sees a big difference between the summers of 2021 and 2022

Last Wednesday evening, Ajax got no further than a 2-2 draw against Vitesse. Feyenoord won its make-up game on Thursday evening (1-0 against SC Cambuur) and Ajax is now third. Berghuis is not yet panicked and knows that if Ajax had ‘just’ won against Vitesse, the club would now have been at the top. “In the second half we had really good intentions, but sometimes we got ahead of ourselves. If you want to do well, score the goal and win, then at some point everyone will run forward and Million Manhoef can walk through from his own penalty area.’

Berghuis is working on his second season in Amsterdam service and the difference with his first season can be there, according to him. According to him, this is because many basic players left last summer and many new players were recruited. A world of difference from the year before. ‘Last year Remko Pasveer and I were the only new basic players and the rest remained reasonably intact. That could be an explanation for the lesser game.’

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